Friday, April 8, 2011


Never been to Dodger Stadium. The facility at Chavez Ravine is front and center due to the disgusting situation where a pair of lowlife's beat a Giants fan senseless. Though recently upgraded to "stable", Bryan Stow remains in medically induced coma with the LAPD promising a sea of blue to catch the offenders. I've always taken a stand that one group of fans is not superior to another. I get calls and hear from folks who tell me about obnoxious Duck fans at Autzen or Mac Court(now MKA), but it's a ridiculous theory. Think about it, where else do you find fans of a particular team or program but at their stadium? You're gonna have the idiots everywhere. The hope is this is an isolated circumstance but research should be done to see if security is lax. For sure everyone responsible for putting on major events with tens of thousands of people need dilligence after the final gun because that's when the alcohol and more has been consumed and states of mind can be altered by the result of the game. As someone who has attended games in the biggest market in the U.S and here in Eugene which is about 150th, there is absolutely no difference in the overall makeup of the audience if you tune out the respective regional accent. I've run into D-bags and wonderful people galore in the South Bronx and South End of Autzen. It's a crap shoot. You fly the colors of the opposition and risk the lame P.O.S who takes it personally and wants to throw down, especially after a few cordials too many. I don't believe it's a big city thing, but a moron thing and people who attend ballgames in our nutty society may want to consider 'not' drawing attention to themselves in enemy territory. It's a sad commentary, but a fact! Hard to believe the NBA regular season is winding down. Important win for the Blazers in Utah last night. Pushes them back to their season best 13 games above .500 and a half game in front of the Hornets for 6th in the West. That 6 seed should be their goal from my chair and not just because it is above the 7 & 8 but because it means Dallas instead of the champs or Spurs in round one. New Orleans holds the tiebreaker courtesy of their sweeping Portland in the 3 meetings. They host Phoenix tonight. Memphis is 8th, just a game behind the Hornets and those two meet Sunday. The Blazers tangle with the Lakers this evening and it's an odd situation. The can't catch San Antonio atop the West and are 2 in front of the Mavs for the two seed with 4 left. They get this win and take a step closer to being able to rest their key players as they prep for their three-peat run.

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