Thursday, April 14, 2011


Didn't get to do the show yesterday due to UO baseball, but we will chime in on Kobe & Bonds for sure. What gets me about Bryant dropping the slur is the ignorance at the outset. Saying something like that in the heat of the moment in a macho setting like pro hoops is not the be all end all statement about how a guy feels about gay people in general. How it gets through the filters of such a high profile jock is astounding. How grown men still resort to the 5th grade playground word is what gets me. The tone of his apology was legit. Kobe knows he pulled a bonehead move and condemning hate crimes was the proper path. The key is wiring yourself beforehand to eliminate the ignorant comments completely from your being. If I get in serious trouble I must request the trial take place in California. The folks in SoCal let OJ walk for a double murder. On a much, much, much, much, much, much, much less severe set of circumstances, they kind of gave Bonds a pass. The home confinement to his mansion for 6 months will really teach this douche a lesson. At least it's consensus he won't make the Hall. The prosecution in this case was weak. They did not have the proverbial ducks in a row. Way too much of the testimony they offered was taken yard by the defense. I don't completely fault the jurors. If taken literally without the testimony of Balloonhead's trainer Greg Anderson, it's tough to prove what the feds claimed. By the way, anyone calling for the Knicks to upset the Celtics in round one is on crack. New York plays no defense. Look at who they lit up with big offensive numbers!!! 110 versus Indy, 116 against that Jersey Juggernaut, 131 versus Toronto and 123 in taking down that powerhouse Cleveland club. What a joke. I do like Portland's shot at advancing against Dallas. For openers, the Mavs are a tank job franchise. On a lesser level, they're the pre 2004 Red Sox. Always there, lot of talent, no rings. Not that the Blazers are a post season success story. They haven't won a series in the post season since beating the Jazz in 5 before losing the West Finals to LA 11 years ago. The oddsmakers say Dallas pretty solid. They set the Mavs at 7 1/2 to one to win the conference with Portland sitting at 33 to 1. Get your thoughts on this later. Enjoy.

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