Monday, April 4, 2011


You've got to love polarizing figures. Not all of them. Those dictators who kill a few hundred thousand people we can do without. In sports, it creates debate which is always fun. The news that Dennis Rodman was elected for enshrinement into the basketball hall of fame has ignited those sparks. One argument I'm shooting down is since Reggie Miller was left out, Rodman can't get in. So two wrongs make a right? I don' t think so. Reggie should be in and so should The Worm. I'll pose these questions. Is he among the 7-8 top defensive forwards of all time? Is he among the top 7-8 rebounding forwards of all time? How many times was he the NBA Defensive Player of the year? How many times was he 1st or 2nd team all NBA defense? How many times did he lead the league in rebounds? How many rings did he collect? And you can save the comparisons to Robert Horry. Love Big Shot Rob, but for the most part he was a reserve, never made an all star team(Rodman made 2), and was never among the top 50 for a season in any category. Memorable players, key contributor to 7 titles for 3 different teams, but not even close to a Hall of Famer. Had a huge weekend riding UConn and Butler. Mentioned the Wednesday before the Sweet 16 that it appears nuts to bet against Butler until someone beats them in the post season. Not getting off that bandwagon. Take the Bulldogs and the points. Butler seems to be able to handle what ever circumstance surfaces and thrive. I'm not selling the Huskies short. Here's an interesting stat. They've lost 9 games. All during Big East play. No out of conference team has defeated them. Out of league they beat Wichita, Michigan State, Harvard, Texas and now Kentucky twice. It's a tough call, but I just think we get that non BCS champion for the 1st time since UNLV 21 years ago. Got a ton of thoughts on the Oregon victory in the CBI, the 1st weekend in MLB, the upcoming Masters and I'm offering this. If you could design your own personal App with 5 features what would it consist of? The Tannen App will allow you to find the betting line, including over/under and props with the ability to take action, plus a few others I'll share on today's programs. Enjoy your week.

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