Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've just returned from City Hall, had my middle name changed to Harpo cause I ain't letting up on this. The amount of crybaby fans pointing fingers at the officials in the NBA playoffs is beyond nauseating. In particular because of where we reside, I'm hearing it from Blazer fans. Right! Those dad gum refs made Aldridge and Miller brick those key foul shots. Completely responsible for that 24 second shot clock violation. They messed up the defense allowing Dirk to run amok with mismatch after mismatch down the stretch. How dare they? Sorry, but Nate McMillian is getting completely outfoxed by Rick Carlisle. We'll get into the Brandon Roy drama with you and Jason Quick of the Oregonian during the show today but you've got to be kidding me. He's trying to avoid making waves or complaining but he's going right to the teams beat writer? I've lost a ton of respect for this guy. Read his quotes. I, me, I'll. Never once mentions the team or being in a two nothing hole. It's actually embarassing. His star has crashed and burned and I don't see it coming back.
Portland fans can take solace in myself and fellow Knicks fans being equally miserable. They lose Chauney Billups in the opener, then Amare Stoudamire last night yet had the lead with inside of 30 seconds left in both. The familiar angle? Both times head coach Mike D'Antoni was totally outcoached by Doc Rivers. Play calls, defensive lapses, poor communication. When push comes to shove, Carlisle and Rivers have been generals, rallying their troops in a victorious manner. D'Antoni and McMillian have kind of poked and hoped things turn out well. They didn't.
You know it's gonna be a tough night for Big Apple fans when Mariano Rivera blows a 2 run save situation. Oh the horror. Remember, 1st SportsTalk watch party is tonight at the Black Forrest Tavern on 11th in Eugene between Oak & Willamette. Hope to see you there.

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