Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've heard it under various circumstances for years and most are full of bull cookies. I'm sick and tired of Jordan and the Bulls. I'm sick and tired of the Yankees & Red Sox. I'm sick and tired of Tiger Woods. Then when they disappear, most viewers go with them. They're prepping for round one of the Masters. I want Tiger back in the hunt. You might not admit it, but so do you. It's like when Americans are polled about certain topics, try to give an answer that sounds like they have a clue, then vote for their own self interest. Just admit it. Harken back to Jack Nicholson as Col. Jessup. You need him on that wall and we need Woods to be front and center in golf. Actually I don't, because I'm a PGA junkie and will be wired in regardless, but most of the sports world does. Deal with it. Lot of talk surrounding the decision making process of the current crop of potential NFL draft picks. Should they attend the festivities if there is still no labor deal. Really? This is a conversation? They're going to in essence become scabs and bust a picket line before they're even a member, then apply for membership. This is not about taking the side of the union or owner but you can't shake the commissioners hand then show up at a team function and look your mates in the eye. Hang with the family, hug mom and auntie Em and salvage your future relationships. This is a no brainer. Ever try to get out of jury duty? It's doable, but sometimes, regardless of your station in life, it's unavoidable. The owner of the New York Giants, John Mara tried to weasel his way out, but was sacked by District Court judge Jed Rakoff. Claimed prepping for the upcoming draft is not an emergency. Tell me this isn't hysterical?

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