Wednesday, April 13, 2011


No Crunchtime or Sportstalk today with Oregon at Portland in baseball. Huge win for the Blazers coupled with La beating the Spurs. So now if the Lakers win tonight at Sacremento, Portland will take on Dallas in the 1st round. History doesn't necessarily guaranty what we'll see in the future but the Mavs tanking in the 1st round would raise a few eyebrows, beating LA would stop the presses. Let's face it, they're a semi-one-hit wonder. They've made the league finals the one time back in 2006, the West finals in 03 and back in 1988. All totalled up, they've advanced past the 1st round of the post season 9 times. Of those 9 they've won a second series just 3 times. Any sane Portland fan wants the Mavericks over the Lakers to start the playoffs. I guess not everyone is anti-Lebron since the "Decision". James jersey sales have passed Kobe as the top seller in the NBA this season. First time he's been the top gun marketing wise since his rookie year in 2004. Bryant is second and I was stunned to see Rajon Rondo of Boston up to #3. The NHL playoffs begin this evening. You likely won't notice it on the air, but I become kind of a lunatic on multiple fronts during the NBA & NHL post season. I tap into those New York passions, loyalties and yes, sports hatreds like nobody's business. In hockey all I really care about is the Philadelphia Flyers "NOT" winning and keeping that Cup drought that's existed since they last won it in 1975, alive and well. They enter as the East #2 seed. I'm more of an Islander fan but will climb aboard the Rangers bandwagon. Looking forward to the highlights between the Penguins and Lightning because it features the two most colorful and entertaining play by play guys around, Pittsburgh's Mike Lange and Dave Mishkin of Tampa Bay. My site has Vancouver as the favorite to win it all for the 1st time ever with Washington the favorite in the East. Forget the Caps. They're one of the great choke franchises in sports history. Also, get ready for a few SportsTalk hockey watch parties. We're putting together the details now and will host one each round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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