Thursday, April 21, 2011


When the NFL altered it's method of deciding games tied at the end of regulation I was not pleased. I heard all the arguments about having a coin toss decide the outcome of the game. I'm guessing there is a direct connection between those who whine about officiating and sudden death. Last night I was watching and switching back and forth between a couple of NHL playoff games. The Penguins beat the Lightning and Washington beat New York, each going to sudden death. Nothing like it in sports. One mistake, one great play and it's a post season victory. And it is sudden. What actually happened is the NFL switched from sudden death to overtime. I think it sucks!
D.O.D time for the Blazers this evening. Lose and the questions pile up. Why did they extend Nate McMillian? Why did they give Brandon Roy the max out deal? Will B.R be able to come to grips with the kind of player he is now versus what he was when the guy was considered among the game's elite. I know fans are brimming with optimism but I just think too many questions exist for them to sweep in the Rose Garden. They're going to need more of an etched in stone scheme to lean on the final minutes of a close game. It's not over, but the fat lady is drinking warm tea and exercising her vocal chords.
Kind of an odd but telling victory for LA over New Orleans. Defense suffocated the shorthanded Hornet offense in the 87-78 win. Kobe made just 3 field goals on his way to 11 points, Pau Gasol was 2 of 10 with just 8 points yet they won it pretty easily. Big night for Bynam. Big fella with 17 pts and 11 boards....swatted a few as well. Lamar Odom celebrated his 6th Man of the Year trophy with 16 points and 7 rebounds.
What do you guys think about the NFL draft on a Thursday night in prime time? More of a fan of the Saturday morning routine? Be interested in your thoughts when we roll with Crunchtime this afternoon.

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