Monday, April 11, 2011


So much for the Masters catch phrase "A Tradition Like No Other". Sorry folks, ain't never seen nothin like that. What a great tournament. The names became insignificant. The scores, the hole, the situation and the roar of the gallery became the story of the 2011 Masters. Way too much made about Tiger. I know he pulls in the ratings, but I'm going inside my bubble. I'm watching anyway and don't need Woods for intrigue. Plus he was a total D-bag in his post 18 interview. There was a time when Tiger acted above it all. I think we were pulled in because he seemed infallible, led the charmed life and had that aura. When you're hopping in the sack with every bimbo who will roll over, you're not better than anyone. You're every guy, but you happen to have talent and a wad of cash. Tiger has proven he's as comfortable in the gutter as in his yacht. Get over yourself. For the 1st time I'm actually put off by his snottiness. I thought Rory McIlroy at age 21 who just went through a public meltdown, carried himself like the consummate pro with class and humility. He can teach Woods a lesson. Loved the comraderie between the Aussie's paired together, Adam Scott and Jason Day who each landed @-12 and 2 shots off the lead. Nice to see fun and sportsmanship a part of the games we watch. FYI, those like Woods, Geoff Ogilvy, and Luke Donald who shot ten under, that wins a lot! That score takes the green jacket outright in half the last 14 Masters and forces a playoff with Vijay back in 2000. The number Day & Scott posted has only been "bettered" 10 times ever! As for our victor, Charl Schwartzel, I'm calling out the theory that he won't be a one hit wonder. You would think not, but who the heck knows? On today's show we'll run through some of those out of nowhere champs in the majors who flashed then disappeared. Also a bunch to hit on as far as the NBA stretch run like the Laker slippage, the huge victory by Miami and that race in the West for the 6th, 7th and 8th seed. NHL playoffs begin on Wednesday. I've harped on this since my 1st year doing Sportstalk in 1993. Chase for the Stanley Cup provides as much intrigue and entertainment as any of the championship tournaments we witness. Almost had the rarity with the reigning Cup winners, Chicago, missing the post season. They needed to steal a point versus the hated Red Wings but lost 4-3. Caught a break when the Wild beat the Stars to hand them the 8th and final slot. Also gotta hit on baseball. What's with my man Derek Jeter? Who are those Cleveland Indians? Perhaps that Philly starting is all most cracked it up to be!

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Steve said...

Congratulations to Schwartzel on an impressive victory at The Masters in Augusta! That was an amazing and exciting final round. He is the fourth consecutive golfer to win his first major tournament, and had the best final round by a Masters winner in 22 years.