Friday, April 15, 2011


Lakers over the Heat in 6 games to win their 3rd consecutive NBA championship. For Phil Jackson a 4th time winning all the marbles 3 times in a row. Kobe Bryant passes Magic with his 6th title. Miami's roller coaster season wraps in frustration, but they do win the East. I think Portland is going down to Dallas in a 7th game in Big D. It's not always my be all end all, but I'm huge on post season experience and the Blazers are lacking, especially the top guns who've never won a playoff series. Andre Miller has been to the post season 6 times. 3 with Denver, twice with Philly and never made it out of the first round. Marcus Camby last contributed to a playoff series victory with the Knicks 11 years ago. Be very curious to see the performance of LeMarcus Aldridge who in his two post season series has actually posted better numbers than those two regular seasons. As mentioned yesterday, Dallas has a history like Portland, littered with playoff failures, but I just think they're a bit better right now and have home court edge. I also think we'll get a minor upset with Denver over Oklahoma City and I don't beleive how many knuckleheads think New York has a shot versus Boston with a horrible defense like this. Is it me, or does the news we get from Minneapolis about the players versus owners NFL negotiations make your ears bleed? Man is this crap boring. As fans we're trained to take sides in any contest. Can't muster any kind of favor for either of these bratty punks. Just cut a deal, whack up your billions and let me know when kickoff is! Been insisting on sharing some positives to counter Bonds, Manny, those NFL idiots and the negativity patrol and we had a great chat yesterday with Jen Larson, the UO Lacrosse coach. They play national power Stanford at 3pm today, but I'm looking forward to catching their act Sunday at 1pm versus UC Davis. It's Senior Day and Bi Mart family day and after, the team will take part in a meet and greet with fans. If you haven't checked out this sport, it's terrific. Catch ya on the radio.

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