Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm pretty superstitious when it comes to sports watching. I like to have that good feeling. I get ticked sometimes when they show an off angle shot before a field goal or foul shot. Upon arriving home after SportsTalk last night I flipped on NBA TV and got this obnoxious message about contractual obligations and the feed blacked out in our community. That meant KEVU. No high def and even worse, Mike Rice. Both he and that yo yo Barrett just stink. They're like the blindly loyal parent who makes excuses for a child always on the wrong side of the law. Never their fault. It's the cops, the company he keeps, or society. Check out the piece by Steve Duin of The Oregonian on www.oregonlive.com. Echoes those sentiments exactly. Complete and total bush league. On Crunchtime today, we ask "Do you prefer the homer angle while watching your favorite team"?
With at least a day off between playoff games, I don't know that momentum plays a role beyond the actually game in an NBA series. In baseball you could get a couple of hot pitchers or cold hitters, but in hoops you can work around some of those issues. A good strategy can lead to easy buckets via layup or dunk and free throws. Portland did not carry over any of the Rose Garden magic from Saturday.
This morning was one of those days when you log onto the ESPN site and the lead stories had nothing to do with scores, stats or stuff that occurs in between the white lines. The trio of top headlines were about the ruling in the NFL lockout, the NBA players union possibly decertifying and colleges distorting information to seem compliant for Title IX.

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