Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was reading about the Bulls erecting a statue of Scottie Pippen in Chicago. I'm torn. Legit or not? Of course this is the same city who decided to put up a statue of Harold Baines and his .289 average. The pickleheads in South Bend also put one up of a liar and a cheat in Lou Holtz so perhaps some have limited parameters when it comes to worthiness. Get your thoughts on this later. I caught a piece about the Heat looking to add some size for the post season and giving Eddy Curry a look. Turns out they couldn't miss him because he was recently given his own zip code having ballooned to about 350 pounds. 4th overall pick in the 2001 draft, he's just 28 years old & hasn't played a real full season since 2007 wrapped. Here's the disgraceful catch, he's earned about 69 mil in salary. He's become such a fat ass excuse of a pro athlete, the stinking TWolves waived him last month. He's pretty high on the list of non-injury busts. Dude, have a salad! The jury in the Barry Balloonhead Bonds case is now deliberating for a 3rd day. Am I the only one getting an OJ vibe? The judge eliminated enough evidence to the point where we know way more than the jurors and this clown might walk scott free. Still doesn't change the fact he juiced, we all know it and he's never getting into Cooperstown. The judge in the Lawrence Taylor statutory rape case was given a Status 1 sex offender lable. It's the lowest available and his name won't appear on an online sex offender registry. It's based on determining if this idiot is a threat to public safety. He's mostly been a menace to himself, but this time he had sex with a 16 year old so the hall of shamer caught a break. He's still a scumbag.

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