Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Some say it was Einstein, but Wikipedia just informed me Benny Franklin deserves the credit. The quote: "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result". Ladies and germs I give you the Thunder defense. I must have screamed "REALLY" a dozen times last night. Unfortunately I was in West Eugene and the guys were in Dallas so despite my big mouth, the pleas fell on deaf ears. Between free throws and shots from the field Dirk Nowitzki attempted 39 shots at the rim. He missed 3. You telling me OKC coach Scotty Brooks isn't criminally insane for not double teaming the big fella? One of my core life philosophies centers around a willingness to change or while not necessarily always making the correct choice, knowing what's wrong. At a certain juncture last night I'd have rather seen the Mavs score dunks with 5 guys on Dirk. DO SOMETHING ELSE! Kendrick Perkins and James Hardin were pretty much useless last night. Hardin got to the point last night where he mistakenly thought he was in a European Soccer match. With about 2 minutes left, he was guarding Jason Terry. Terry blew past him from the top of the key and with his non-dribbling hand, barely caught a piece of Hardin's chin. You would have thought a Navy seal sniper from the rafters shot him the way he went down. It was a perfect representation of a miserable defensive performance for that team. On the bright side, the Mavs played exceptionally well yet despite the home court edge, could not put that young Thunder team away until the final minute and a half. Looking forward to game 2.
A few topics we must address in the coming days depending on how long today's Oregon Baseball game goes. The NCAA response to the request by the Department of Justice on the legitimacy of the B.C.S. President Mark Emmert said the BCS was the organization to provide answers as his group merely provides licensing and plays no role in the BCS system. Real helpful.
Another knee slapper came with the Athletic Director at Ohio State claiming he still backs Jim Tressell. This guy would have to upgrade to have even one, rather than the usual pair of stones. Gotta love those nutbars who blatantly disregard facts. Tressell is a liar. End of story. Still be shocked if he ever coaches that team again.
You can't see me but I'm applauding. The slimeball Alabama fan who poisoned those trees at Auburn has formally been indicted. 62 year old Harvey Updike Jr. 4 felony charges and 2 misdemeanors. 62 years old and nothing better to do with his time. What a loser!
Was interested to see that latest Forbes poll about celebrities heaven help me. Despite the missteps and lack of his typical on course success, Tiger Woods remains the top athlete. Overall he's 6th on that list of the most powerful folks in the field of entertainment. The top 5 are Lady Gaga, Oprah, Justin Bieber(really!), U2 and Sir Elton John. I'll crank out the rest of the sports people later.

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