Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Once again I've peaked. I've joked for years that my all time record is one in a row. When the announcement came down in late March of 2009 that Larry Scott would become the new Pac 10 commissioner, I was ecstatic and claimed it would be magificent for fans and the league. Considering Autzen has sold out each home game since 1998, many(self included), have expressed serious disappointment when the Ducks go on the road in football and the game is not televise or there is an issue and we're kept in a holding pattern. Let's celebrate. New 12 year TV deal with ESPN and Fox more than triples current media rights fees and is now the most valuable of any college conference. It takes effect for the 2012-2013 season. This is a beautiful thing.
The Steelers Rashard Mendenhall went on a tweeting binge. Interesting take. We should not be hating on Osama Bin Laden because we've never heard him speak and only heard one side. So if we took the time to hear him give a speech, we'd be okay with the murdering of innocent kids, women and people for the past 2 decades? He also backed Adrian Peterson comparing the NFL to modern day slavery.
The NCAA has cited Boise State for a major violation. Lack of institutional control. In women's tennis. They also hit the Broncos with some secondary issues in four other sports that included football. We all know that at a school like BSU, beyond football, women's tennis really drives the athletic department wagon. Odd.
Stupid me. I'm all geeked out pouring over the NFL draft when it turns out I missed the pro poker league choosing 200 people to compete in it's 1st tournaments. If this is one of those deals where it's only hold 'em, I vote no. Who started this trend? It's not even real poker. You have 8 year olds playing on line. Give me some old school hi/low, stud or other games where you actually have to read cards and players. Hold em sucks!

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