Wednesday, May 4, 2011


As a season moves along and certain records appear on the horizon, a team or player can tweak their approach and make a move towards history. That is never the case with a no hitter. Not a coincidence Hall of Famer's Nolan Ryan and Sanford Koufax are tops in history, but the list of no-no's includes many, many pitchers who are not so memorable. In the past 25 years alone we've seen Joe Cowley, Juan Nieves, Tommy Greene, Wilson Alvarez, Eric Milton and Kevin Millwood. Now we add the Twins Francisco Liriano. This guy is high on the list of out of no-where. He entered the game with a 1 & 3 record and an era over 9!!! He walked 6 batters, but gutted it out over his 123 pitches. F.L also benefitted from facing an anemic White Sox lineup who has not scored more than 4 runs over their last 12 games. It's the 4th time over that stretch they've failed to put anything on the board.
So what happens if the Miami Heat win the NBA title. In the best shape of anyone right now up 2 games to zip against the Celtics. Does goofball Cleveland Cav owner Dan Gilbert take out a retraction ad in the Plain Dealer? Remember he pretty much guaranteed they'd win a title before Miami after Lebron's infamous "Decision". How about all the pickle headed media and fans who hammered this guy for a one hour indiscretion after carrying a franchise on his back and busting his butt 24/7 over his 7 seasons with that miserable, loser franchise? It's far from etched in stone, but even making the league finals would be quite the accomplishment considering it's only happened once before with the Heat.
More than 24 hours after his idiotic tweet about the Bin Laden killing, I'm still astouned at what a complete and total moron Rashard Mendenhall is. As we discussed yesterday and a sentiment that has been echoed by those with a clue, his freedom of speech is locked and loaded. But his bosses can also exercise their rights by telling him to find employment elsewhere. We in the public can also tear him a new one and mock him publicly. Not as emphatic, but a hell of a lot of fun!

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