Monday, June 27, 2011


Yesterday was Old Timer's Day at Yankee Stadium. It marked the 1st return to the Bronx of former manager Joe Torre. He'd left after one of the most successful runs in team history under suspect circumstances. Translation? The team treated a class guy like garbage. I was really pleased with the fan reaction. Got your basic sports hero's welcome. Great piece in the Jersey paper about Derek Jeter. Reminded us this is the proper way to witness the tail end of an older superstar. The captain's skills are declining. Yesterday was his 37th birthday. Barry Bonds set the seasonal HR record at age 37. Raffy Palmiero hit a career high in homers. Can we figure out the difference? The author of the piece pretty much claimed we should celebrate a Hall of Famer doing it the right way. For the record, once DJ comes off the DL if he continues to have the miserable season we're witnessing, he needs to retire and throw back the final 2 years of his contract and ride off into the sunset.
It's amazing how in the biggest city in America, no one cares about college football. Some of the knuckleheads I know who are pretty insane sports fans have asked questions like "What bowl game did Oregon play in?" "Who won the National Title last year?" Then they'll bitch and moan about the Mets 7th inning guy. Just a different set of priorities concerning the sporting scene.
Roy Halladay just cranked out his 5th complete game of the year. No one has hit double digits since Randy Johnson in 1999. Doc has led his league each season but one of the last 6. The classic horse.
Getting ready to hit NYC. Downtown. Making my homage to Ground Zero.

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