Friday, June 10, 2011


I know that LeBron tanking at the most critical moments the past 2 games has been played to death. I've heard some logical angles and some idiotic points made in support of and against the guy. From my chair it all comes down to one thing. If James wants his name mentioned in the same sentence as the best and biggest winners in NBA history he has to mimmick their performance with the money on the table and answer simple questions. With his team in dire need of points would (fill in the blank) take nothing but perimeter shots in the 4th quarter? With his team in dire need of points would (fill in the blank) fail to get to the line in the 4th quarter? If the answer is no and LBJ answered yes with his play, he doesn't qualify as an all time elite player, period! Still time to rescue the rep from these Finals, but tick tick tick.
I read Plaxico Burress said there was nothing pleasant about prison. Darn, I thought it would be Disneyworld! For openers, he wasn't one of those white collar criminals who do their time at what some jokingly call "Club Fed". I also found out he lives in Totowa, New Jersey. So does my mom. I've properly warned her. Football wise with his size and skill, if he's in shape there will be a slight demand for his services. The cat is 6'6" with pretty good hands. That's assuming the yo yo's iron out their differences and we get a 2011 NFL season.
For the many Yankees fans I've heard from and read about. The outcry over getting bitch slapped again by the Red Sox is funny. They're a much deeper and better team. Deal with it. Just because New York can rake they might outlast Tampa or Detroit or California or maybe Chicago to the finish line for a wild card spot. I don't expect much more.
No shows today as we've been given the gift of a day off and the shot to play in a golf tournament. Enjoy your weekend. Be safe & we'll catch up with you at 3pm on Monday for CrunchTime!

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