Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Week in Sports, by Casey Mitchell

The King and the Heatles aren't going to stop at 6, or 7, or even 8.... That's because they can't even get one. Don't get me wrong, I love LeBron and I love the way the Heat play the game, but LeBron's performence in Games 4, 5 and 6, reminded me a lot of game 5 in last years Conference Semifinals vs. the Celtics. In that game James had 15 points, 6 boards, and 7 assists. We're witnesses alright.... Witness of the Quitness! It seems like whenever crunchtime come around LeBron James wants nothing to do with the basketball. It's true that James did have 21 points in the Game 6 loss, but as usual in the series "The King" dropped a 7 spot ot the 4th quarter. If you ask me, scoring 7 points in the 4th is uncharted territory for MJ. The Main point is that the Dallas Mavericks are NBA Champions. Dirk, Kidd, and "Jet" get their long deserved rings. And Mark Cuban can live in happiness. Hopefully next year will be the year the Big 3 get their rings. Only time will tell....

As for baseball, the San Francisco Giants remain in first place despit key injuries to Pablo Sandovol, Freddy Sanchez, Buster Posey, and Cody Ross. Plus, it doesn't help that Pat "The Bat" Burrell is hitting a WHOPPING .227 with only 6 big flies. On a related note, is it really needed for ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball to show the strike zone as the game is being played?! I mean, it's bad enough the NFL has the yellow first down line. Jeez. Anyways the Giants fan base has been stellar by selling out every home game this season ( 31 straight games. ) Who says baseball is dying out? If that's the case the City by the Bay didn't get the memo. After all.... There's Magic Inside!

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I could not agree more...kudos young man..dm