Monday, June 6, 2011


Heading into the new week we have the Heat and Canucks just 2 wins light of earning their sport's biggest trophy. Miami has really had the upper hand in the NBA Finals they just get victimized by some poor offensive moments, primarily because at times it seems they lack rhyme or reason at that end. The tenacity on defense has carried them this far, plus they haven't lost back to back games all post season long. Last night you have to credit them for putting Udonis Haslem on Dirk for the final posession after Nowitzki abused Bosh in Game 2.
Vancouver can take a huge step towards the 1st Stanley Cup in franchise history. They joined the NHL the same year the Trailblazers became an NBA franchise. They've snuck past the Bruins in 2 scintillating one goal games to lead 2-zip. I think this thing can still go Boston's way, but obviously it begins with a key home victory this evening.
I think Oregon ace Tyler Anderson will go in round one of the MLB amateur draft. You can run the numbers all you please. I just think the guy has big league makeup. The willingness to be the Friday guy and his demeanor which includes accountability. Always seems to shoulder the blame for defeats and share the credit in victory. Subtle but important as he becomes a professional.
Former Giants wide out Plaxico Burress was released from prison today. Spent the last 20 months in lockup for a gun charge. He was a knucklehead who packed heat and accidentally shot himself. Michael Vick committed perhaps the most vile crimes ever committed by an active athlete among the major sports we follow outside of Rae Carruth and did less time. Sometimes I wonder about our system of justice.

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