Thursday, June 30, 2011


I read the story where Charlie Sheen admitted to taking steroids when he filmed "Major League" back in 1989. That ought to set a record for stunned readers. First it's Charlie Sheen. Second it was the 1980's. I'd be more interested in what substances he "didn't" ingest. By the way, if the one interesting part of the story is true, pumping it up there at 85 mph, even on the juice, not bad for an actor.
Did you guys see that the LSU/Oregon game is a sellout and only Standing Room Only tickets are available? Incredible when you consider we've yet to hit July. I guess they're not counting on a big walk up purchasing run?
In less than 3 years Greg Oden has experienced the following. Microfracture surgery on his right knee, a bone chip in his left knee, a fractured left patella, surgery on his left knee, microfracture surgery on his left knee. And now the Blazers have made him the 8.8 million dollar qualifying offer. In essence he's an unrestricted free agent and they can match any offer he receives. He's been on the roster for 4 seasons. Completely missed 2. Got in 61 during one. Missed 3/4ths of the other. Take a hint. Is this as ridiculous to you as it is to me? Perhaps we can rationalize no other bigs out there worth taking a shot at? Odd. But considering it's Paul Allen and this franchise, perhaps not so much.
Be curious as to everyone's take on this.

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