Thursday, June 16, 2011

Walking on Thin Ice, by Casey Mitchell

15 days and 7 games after everyone counted Boston out, and was picking the Canucks in 4 games, or the Cancks in 5 games, The Bruins capture their first Stanley Cup in 39 years. Even though the game was played in Vancouver and the home team had won every game this series previous to Game 7, I just felt like the Bruins were going to take it all. Boston played in 3 game sevens this series, and Roberto Luongo had been playing sub-par all series. So game 7 just had that type of feel to it. Tim Thomas of the Bruins won the Conn Smythe Throphy, which is awarded to the MVP of the playoffs. Thomas became the 15th goalie to win that award in the history of the Stanley Cup. Sounds to me like Roberto Luongo is the LeBron James of the Cup and Tim Thomas is the Dirk Nowitzki of the Cup.
After all the talk about Boston being the new Title Town, I'm not buying into it. Title Town will forever be in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Period. And I have to say, I'm not a big hockey guy, but it was nice to watch a sporting event where the Ref wasn't blowing a whistle every 15 seconds. Don't fret Vancouver fans, your team is sure to be back in the running starting next winter!

Being only 6 hits away from hit #3000, Derek Jeter gets placed on the 15 day DL ,for the first time since 2003, with a right calf strain. Another streak that will be snapped is Jeter's 7 consecutive seasons playing 150+ games. That's tied for all-time, behind only the great Cal Ripken Jr. ( 1982-1993 ). I'm not particularly a Yankees fan, but I think Derek Jeter is a great player and a class act. I hope he recovers soon, and breaks that 3000 hit mark that everybody is waiting for.

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Steve Tannen said...

No need for me to post over Casey's comments. Great Cup Final and I could not agree more. Green Bay is Titletown. Period! End of conversation. If Jeter gets 3 hits the 1st game off the DL on June 28th, then 3 on the 29th, yours truly will be in the Bronx to witness #3000. Not holding my breath!