Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Was reading a story in today's NY Paper about Tiger Woods and how it's more likely Jack Nicklaus tees it up at the fast approaching British Open. Woods just ain't healthy. I can't imagine he has even a remote shot at contending for the season's final major, the PGA. Thus we will enter into 2012 with Tiger at age 36, still 4 shy of the Golden Bear's record of 14 slam titles. Jack won 4 more after that age. Hopefully, for the sake of the sport and entertainment for fans, he heals and joins Rory McIlroy and the other fine Euro's atop the sport. I thought we got a tad of insight when Woods said Rory's swing at the same age was superior to his. Remember, after winning the Masters in 1997 at nearly the same age, Tiger changed his. He praised the performance of McIlroy and said it was not motivating as right now he's simply focused on getting healthy to a point where he's capable of teeing it up.
I was walking through midtown Manhattan earlier this week and happened across the NHL Store. In the window display was a huge mural of the Boston Bruins celebrating their recent Stanley Cup victory. WHAT? We have to see this crap in New York City?? I actually walked in, asked for the manager and pretty much bitched him out. He said it wasn't his call. I called Bull Crap and said they'd never put up with something like this if the Devils, Islanders or Rangers had won the Cup in Boston. The fans would have put multiple bricks through the window before torching it. He wasn't happy. I was.
Hope all is well in the Great Northwest. Catch ya on the morrow!

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