Monday, June 13, 2011


I guess the one aspect of the Heat losing the Finals is the joy in Cleveland. Really? You think this had anything to do with you? You had the greatest player in the history of your laughable franchise, born in your backyard, who could not convince anyone of value to join him. You still stink. You remain a joke. James made it to the league championship series. The Cav season ended sometime around Thanksgiving. I actually heard a dunderhead named Cedric McEachron rip into Miami. He's a Cleveland area school teacher. What a maroon.
My main issue is the Heat didn't show a lot of class or character. The poking fun at Dirk when he was ill was annoyingly revealing. Seems like they are very accomodating and personable when things are rolling along, but when the pressure cranks up during a period of adversity, not so much! No question they will make some tweaks and be back as a factor next year. As for Dallas, gotta believe they can make another run. Dirk, Kidd, Terry, Haywood & Marion are all signed through next season. Tyson Chandler and JJ Barea are free agents but you figure they will re-up. The primary glitch is I'm thinking it's 50/50 the season either blows up or takes a substantial hit because the labor issue in the NBA is way worse than the NFL and we know how that's gone!
Might have that unique back to back piece of history in sports. Dallas wins the 1st title in franchise history on a Sunday, perhaps the Canucks will earn their first Stanley Cup this evening!
Gotta catch up on some baseball, recap the Belmont and see what's on those minds when we hit the airwaves this afternoon.

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