Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I get the dislike for Lebron. I get everyone piling on for his inept crunch time play and some of the petty, stupid things he said. I don't get the "break up the Heat" mentality. Did they miss the playoffs? Did they get run in the 1st round? OR!!! Did they pretty much solve everything in year one except how to win those last 2 games and earn the title? Do not look for anything overly dramatic. They have to get through to James that he obviously needs to add a wrinkle or two to his offensive arsenal. Might want to bring in a more distributor focused point guard. Everyone needs to calm down and let some element of logic take root!
The Mavs championship certainly scored with the suits at ABC. Second most viewed Finals in 7 years since Detroit rolled LA in 5 games.
Heard a bunch of the Colin Cowerd show working out this morning. Gotta admit, the guy has a point. He openly questioned new Ohio State football coach Luke Fickell who claimed ignorance of all that was going on, eventually costing Jim Tressel his gig and will likely lead to more serious ramifications. This guy wasn't a grad assistant, but a right hand man. He sounds like one of those stereotypical German army officers and their "I know nuh-zink'! Either a liar, ignorant or fortunate enough to have been kept in the dark. Odd circumstances.
Really disappointed in Cliff Harris. Really? You need to be going 118 miles an hour on a suspended license. And whoever the yutz is who rented him the car and handed it over needs to be taken behind the woodshed. Most get it, but the rest need to figure out that the elevation of Oregon football into the ranks of the elite carries with it a huge bullseye. If this happened to a DB at Washington State, it slides well under the radar. For an All American on the runner up in the Natty, it's a huge story. Gotta be smarter and see the big picture!

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