Monday, June 20, 2011


If you ask me, Rory McIlroy won the US Open the first 11 holes on Saturday. Sunday was a coronation. He made a sand save on 2, got up and down for another par,t hen followed his lone bogey to that point with a gorgeous birdie on 11. Unless Day or Yang or Westwood had a 60 in em, the kid had it in the bag. I was so confident I set the DVR then headed out to Trysting Tree in Corvallis for a 1 o'clock tee time. We managed to avoid information, my buddy dropped me back at my place where my wife and kids had Father's Day dinner ready and I logged on and saw he rolled. Caught the replay later but it was delightfully anti-climatic. Now we have a contender. The guy to beat when he tees it up at a major like "you-know-who" until his personal & physical meltdown and re-tweaking of the swing. I'm a huge dynasty fan. Give me a player or a team who sets the bar into the stratospher and gives the rest of the field something to aspire to. Rory has run 3rd at the last 2 PGA Championships, also 3rd at last year's British Open and of course had the Masters within his grip until the Sunday horror. Lesson learned. HE'S the man!
You might have noticed I'm a pretty big sports fan. Really big NBA fan. I could not be less interested in the upcoming draft. I don't buy anyone out there that's going to alter my opinion about what goes down next season. As great as the playoffs we're, this has dud written all over it and the real trouble is their labor issue may trump what's taking place in the NFL. Yuck!
David Vobora, Churchill High grad, played linebacker at Idaho and is currently with the St. Looey Rams. Had served a 4 game suspension for flunking a drug test. Guy insisted he was innocent. Unfortunately because of the real cheaters it appears athletes have lost the benefit of the doubt. He was just awarded a 5.4 million judgement against the supplement maker responsible for this whole mess. This is a new, very important angle. Companies who produce these supplements now have to be more accountable and careful about their manufacturing procedures. It also goes to show not everyone is Sosa or McGwire or Marion Jones. Some players have their heart in the right place and are simply victims.
Big Monday. Lot of candidates for "What are you Doing"? Enjoy the day!

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