Thursday, June 2, 2011


When word came down Shaq had retired I figured the debate from my angle would be he didn't belong so high up the big fella list. Then the programs began yesterday(Wed) at 3pm and I found myself defending his place in history. For openers, the modern era has not been bountiful for true centers. I also think there are lot's of sour grapes in a town like this that is so anti-Laker and pro-Blazer that credit is given begrudgingly at best. It's important to remember Oneal at his best. The size was overwhelming, but he was quick and athletic. Chamberlain won a title with 2 teams. So did Kareem. So did Shaq, plus he took a 3rd, Orlando to the Finals. That's unique. Personally I don't think he was as dominant a rebounder and interior defender as Wilt or Russell and obviously Jabbar was an insane scorer with the unstoppable sky hook. I've yet to hear a definitive case that leads me to believe Shaquille Oneal isn't the 4th or 5th greatest center to play in the NBA. Some are in the conversation, none can present a much better case.
I've heard it from a few national commentators, but driving to the gym this morning with my wife it crossed my mind. The story about the NFL commish Roger Goodell, the Union boss Demaurice Smith and certain owners holding a secret meeting. If we know, doesn't that kind of eliminate the secrecy issue? Here's hoping the greed patrol will lighten up and make sure the 2011 season is a reality.
Lot of talk about Dallas simply needing to shoot better to win game 2 and square this NBA finals. Makes some sense, except for one substantial issue. Miami's ability to challenge shots like no one else the Mavs have seen. Jason Terry and JJ Barea looked like they feared phantom defenders because they were rushing shots so badly. I really think these teams are pretty equal and this is a very "NBA" series. By that I mean it will come down to the final 3-4 minutes and that's been when the Heat have gone into lockdown mode. Oddsmakers had Miami a 4 1/2 point home chalk in the opener, for tonight it's gone up a half tick to 5. The over/under has dipped a bit from 188 to 186 1/2. Telling? We shall see.
Join us today from 3-6pm at Sam's Place on Wilson Street off West 11th. Gonna have some tickets to the Prefontaine Classic this Saturday at Hayward along with one of those sweet Cumulus Golf Cards for free rounds at some of the areas top notch tracks. Gotta come down to have a shot. See ya then.

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