Tuesday, June 7, 2011


As a die hard New York sports fan, naturally I detest all things Boston. Then watching the 1st period of the NHL Finals on the monitor in the studio during the latter part of SportsTalk I witnessed the dirty hit by Vancouver's Aaron Rome. He laid out the Bruins Nathan Horton on a flat out cheap shot. There is no room for that in a sport that's doing well, gaining in the TV ratings and just inked a nice 10 year television deal. The league sat that dirt bag Horton for the rest of the playoffs. Nice job moron! Play your whole life for this moment and just because you carry the goon gene you're out. For the record, he's managed a whopping 2 goals over his 4-plus seasons in the league. Good riddence idiot! Can't believe I'm saying this, but I've changed over and hope Boston wins the Cup!
Has a 24 hour period ended without some new piling on style insight to the mess at Ohio State? Turns out Jim "I Know Nothing" Tressel exchanged several dozen texts and phone calls with the supposed mentor of Terrell Pryor. The guy, Ted Sarniak, is a businessman who hails from TP's home town. Tressel of course played the "I barely knew him" card, just another huge lie! I kind of laugh at the term "mentor". More like street agent. We've also learned about 91 text messages from Tressel to Pryor's high school coach Roy Hall. This genius originally said he was unaware of any investigation into Prior when this whole situation surfaced and never spoke to Jim Tressel about it. Do the players in this melodrama even know how to tell the truth?
Game 4 of the NBA Finals this evening. Oddsmakers like the Mavs by a field goal. I'm thinking that backcourt better make a contribution in the points column. Not picky. Kidd, Jason Terry, Barrea? Anyone. Miami has to play like a shark smelling blood in the water because they get it done tonight and it looks like a lock! Enjoy it.

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