Thursday, August 16, 2012


So Melke Cabrera is the latest cheater to get caught.  At least he admitted it.  When confronted with the positive test he didn't play the typical no way, not me, gotta be a mistake garbage.  Copped to getting caught.  How sad is it that a cheater is providing a breath of fresh air.  He is the reigning All Star Game MVP.  Nice side note.  I went through the list of regular season MVP's and compiled a list of those I'm sure juiced.  Aroid, Clemens, Bonds, Sosa, Pudge Rodriguez, Miguel Tijada, Jason Giambi, Ryan Braun, Ken Caminiti and Jose Canseco.  Yet the players union seems to fight all progressive efforts to truly clean up the game.  Classy!
Speaking of charm, the agent for Julius Peppers created a website to smear a reporter who blew the lid off the academic scandal at North Carolina, JP's college.  Dan Kane of the Raleigh News and Observer  wrote Carl Carey even taught a class at the Charlotte campus and used that as leverage in pursuit of clients.
I caught the tale end of the Felix Hernandez perfecto.  Yikes.  That's high up my list of the most dominating performance I've caught on the tube.  The Rays hitters had no chance.  They weren't even taking big league hacks.  Felix owned them.  Obviously I'm not a Mariner fan but I jumped out of my seat on that last filthy change to finish the job.  All 12 of his strikeouts came something other than his fastball,which topped out at 96mph yesterday.
I've been a fan of Pac 12 commissioner Larry Scott since he was the CEO of the Women's Tennis Association.  The guy is a mover and a shaker.  I loved his comment about the ridiculous nature of the Coaches Poll.  It was in response to USC coach Lane Kiffin stating he was no longer be voting in that idiotic poll.  If I'm a university administrator paying a coach 3-4 million annually to run the heart and soul program of the athletic department I don't want him wasting one second.  85 scholarship players, a dozen or so walk-ons, his assistants, his staff, all the media and glad handing obligations and more is enough.  He should not be concerned about the possibility that either Michigan State or Arkansas is the 17th best team in America. 

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