Monday, September 23, 2013


So Von Miller of the Denver Broncos becomes the latest high level jock to run afoul of his sports drug policy and rather than accept his punishment or admit what he did, we get the adamant denial.  It's the system, the collector, the test and I will fight this to clear my good name.  Then we find out he's another lying, cheating, greedy pinhead.  From Ryan Braun to Lance Armstrong and very soon, Alex Rodriguez these clowns get away with everything from the moment it's determined they're special at a given sport.  The world around them becomes a variation on "enabler".  While our American judicial system operates on innocent until proven guilty, that does not apply to athletes and PED's.  If they're in the news for a failed test or suspicion of using, they're probably guilty!
I love the NFL.  Giants can't win a game and they look awful.  Can't run.  Can't protect Eli Manning.  The 49ers have been exposed as somewhat fraudulent.  Their defense leaves much to be desired.  Chip Kelly and the Eagles went from redefining the game of pro football after 2 quarters to open the season against the Redskins to will this work?  The NFL is another world from college as far as talent, speed and adjustment.  Oregon fans know the pressure that warp speed offense puts on the defense.  It took time to tweak the recruiting and the ace capability of Nick Aliotti and his staff to work in concert with the offensive philosophy.  No lock it works at this level.  Miami has been a great story.  Some raised an eyebrow during the 2012 draft when the Fish jumped up to take Ryan Tannehill, the QB before Johnny Manziel at Texas A & M, with the 8th overall pick after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III went one and two.  Ryan flashed as a rookie engineering wins over playoff teams, Seattle at home and the Bengals in Cincy.  This is year 2 under head coach Joe Philbin, a career offensive coach who was the coordinator in Green Bay from 2007 thru 2011.  Those were some high octane Pack attacks. 
I'd comment on some of the college action, but it seemed lopsided blowouts were the theme which we will cover on both Crunchtime and Sportstalk this afternoon.  Have a great week!

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