Monday, September 3, 2012


Here's why I'm not buying into the Arkansas State game as #83 in the now very shaky sellout streak at Autzen Stadium.  Beginning with Oklahoma to open the 2006 season when the number at the turnstiles read just over 59-thousand 2-hundred, the Ducks have hosted 11 non-confererence games.  The LOWEST attended was Houston in 2007 with 57,600.  That's about 15-hundred more than showed up on Saturday.  You can twist this around, spin it, or put out 20 different press releases.  The fans have spoken.  Ticket prices are too high for a pushover opponent.  In 2009 Purdue drew a little over 57,700.  Otherwise New Mexico, Missouri State, Portland State, Utah, Utah State, Boise State, and Fresno State all saw attendance over the 58-thousand mark.  More than 59-thousand showed up for NEW MEXICO!  Not sure why anyone would value such a meaningless, vague, and now very tainted streak!  Your thoughts welcome by posting here, emailing or send me a twitter message @sportstalk953

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