Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Eventually this NFL ref situation will be resolved and an amazing event is going to take place at 15 stadiums around America that first week upon their return.  Fans who usually cuss out and have nothing good to say about the officials will greet them with rousing ovations.  Before the game.  Then the game will start and sometime in the 1st or 2nd quarter a long play by the home team will be negated by a holding call and the boo birds will be right back at it.  Mark my words. 
I just heard John Lynch on the radio and he had some intriguing insights.  Called the NFL owners & commissioner Goodell arrogant.  He said the growing issue of concussions, repeated blows to the head and their frightening long term impacts has already altered the landscape.  The youth league his son plays in has already been cut in half from 8 to 4 teams over parental concern.  Lynch is a Stanford guy who had a career I feel will land him in Canton as a Hall of Famer.  He has great passion for the game and like Steve Young, you've seen and heard the anguish they've expressed over what's happening with their league.  These are not dumb jocks.  These are intelligent, articulate guys who see the big picture and offer more than a hysterical, in the moment thought. 
I can not believe it's coming up on 48 hours since the Monday night debacle in Seattle and Goodell has not been seen or heard.  I'm not a fan from the get go due to his allowing Michael Vick back in the league, but this reveals a complete lack of character and credibility.  The product generates 9.1 billion in annual revenue.  We love it.  We get our own version of "The Day America Stood Still" each Super Sunday.  The most viewed programs in history list lots of Super Bowls.  How can we take the commissioners word on player safety or the Saints bounty program when he just lied to our faces in issuing the statement backing the atrocious call to steal the game from the Packers?
This has now transcended sports.  I'm going to be very curious to see the developments over the next few days.

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