Friday, April 26, 2013


Somehow another high level celeb has skated away from facts and history.  Every I see Barry Sanders recently, he is being revered.  What a joke.  Make no mistake, the dude was as electrifying.  Sweep to the right side for a 4 yard's a 66 yard TD.  Granted.  Now he's making the rounds pitching the new Madden game.  This is the same guy who toured schools and did public service ads preaching abstinence to kids.  Was the A.C Green of football.  Except Green is a high character guy and honest.  When it was discovered Sanders had a child out of wedlock in 1994 he was confronted.  His response?  "I don't talk about that subject any more".  Then we focus on his retirement.  If you can call it that.  In 1998 he rushed for more than 14-hundred yards and the talk was perhaps he could be the all time leader in rush yards.  The franchise was expecting their superstar back for the 1999 season.  He did not announce his retirement before the free agent period, or the draft.  They were awaiting his arrival at camp in July when he disappeared.  The backs available in the draft that year were Edgerrin James, Ricky Williams or even Kevin Faulk had Sanders clued them in on his plans.  Instead he hung it up with no warning.  So this Saint Barry routine is garbage.
Really disappointed in the Russell Westbrook injury.  I thought the Thunder had a real chance to give the Heat a run for their championship money.  This guy is unique and from my chair, one of the true elite players in the NBA.  Been in the league 5 years.  This will be the 1st game he's missed.  He is a lethal 1-2 punch with Kevin Durant.  It's possible he could return of OKC reaches the finals, but with a knee injury like this, it's not logical he would simply return at the level we've grown accustomed to watching him operate. 
Lot of NFL draft talk and coverage today.  Look forward to your input as always.

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