Tuesday, April 16, 2013


We did 3 hours of radio from 3-6pm on the West Coast.  Felt obligated in and out each break to say it's our job to bring Crunchtime & SportsTalk but don't mistake it for thinking The Masters, Kobe, NBA playoffs and the rest was important after the news from Boston.  I appreciate those of you who took part and got what we were trying to do.  It's a cliche, but I've gone on the air in the wake of Columbine, 911, Virginia Tech and most recently Newtown and tried to provide that much needed diversion or distraction.  After 24 hours the level of disgust and that awful feeling in the pit of one's stomach hasn't altered much. 
Late last night the investigation into the Oregon/Will Lyles/recruiting mess got some run which carried into today.  Here's my take.  Deluded Duck fans are trying to blow it off to validate this incredible 4 year run.  Duck haters are trying to draw a parallel between this and the SMU scandal or some of the renegade programs like Miami.  Wrong & Wrong!  I've always felt this money for recruiting services was a large gray area & hopefully the rocket scientists at the NCAA will offer some clarity for the future.  My question will always be about the level of competitive edge Oregon might have gained.  We know Lache Seastrunk never saw the field, but if he ended in Eugene outside the rules, there should be a punishment.  I don't want to delve into the details of the 515 page report or speculate on how heavy the hammer will be.  Another question is to Oregon fans.  Does this put a taint on the accomplishments of the Kelly era?
No shows today due to Oregon baseball.  Catch up with you tomorrow.

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