Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Back to blogging after several months.  The switch to CBS Radio is complete and it's time to get rolling again.  An issue that annoys the heck out of me in this country whether it's political, social or in sports is no one accepts the obvious.  It's always an argument.  The logic that conceding you are WRONG is a weakness is destructive.  It's the opposite, it's a sign of strength.  It's okay to make an honest mistake.  Admit and move on.  The Rutgers situation is unreal.  An athletic director knows his basketball coach is humiliating his players.  Physical and verbal abuse.  The imbecile(AD Tim Pernetti) is aware it's all being captured on film.  He doles out a minimal punishment based on some kind of rehabilitation.  Only when the video is released does he finally take action and can the piece of garbage(now former coach Mike Rice).  Aside from the obvious(murderers, rapists, ect), nothing worse than a bully.  Rice was a spoiled brat who threw a hissy fit when things didn't go his way.  He is no different than the child in aisle 2 of the supermarket throwing a temper tantrum cause mom or dad wouldn't buy the bag of candy.  Pernetti should be canned by days end and Rice should never be allowed near young men again.  Let him try and pull that in the real workplace and countdown from 10 and see how far you get before someone throws him out a window.  Bullies are abusers.  In the cases of coaches like this, nothing more than a pathetic insecure D-bag who can't feel good about their wit, intelligence, or accomplishments so they have to belittle others to feel better about themselves.  Good riddence.
Look for my National League preview and on Friday we hit the AL.  Liking the Nats, Giants, Reds and Tigers.  Not enamored about anyone else!

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