Thursday, May 9, 2013


Down a run in the 9th at Cleveland, A's shortstop Adam Rosales goes yard.  Tie game!  He hit the ball over the wall which according to the rules of baseball is a home run.  One glitch.  MLB as usual is behind the technological times.  The buffoons in blue looked at their 15 inch monitor stolen from Bill Gates garage sometime around 1983 and did not find sufficient evidence to make the correction. Oakland gets screwed.  Hey, they still could have lost in the home 9th or extra innings, but we'd rather settle things on the field than idiotville!  2 things drive me nuts about this.  The media reports the Tribe victory is controversial.  No it's not!  Controversy is when you are torn about a decision.  An investigation is needed.  Coming up with the proper answer tears away at the parties involved.  This was simple.  Homer!  Then you have MLB this morning admit the umps blew it.  Awesome!  So we get to go back, award Rosales his bomb, and pick up the game all tied up in the 9th from that point right?  Wrong!  There is no reason Bud Selig and his knucklehead patrol can't provide the proper equipment and implement a commons sense replay manual quickly.  There is no other side to this debate. 


Beth Holt said...

wow I just read an old sports illustrated magazine about you 1974,
and then wow found you by accident on here, must be fate

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