Friday, May 24, 2013


Was perusing the MLB Standings and came across teams like the Pirates, Indians, Yankees, Rockies and Diamondbacks.  Doing well.  Right in the thick of things.  Nice Springs.  One question:  are they legit?  A year ago Cleveland was leading the Central with a nearly identical record.  They ended up losing 94 games and were a memory when the playoffs approached.  New York was just 2 games over  .500 before a strong finish pushed them all the way to the ALCS.  None of the others was even in consideration.  It's great for baseball from my chair cause I love the fresh face angle which usually takes place in the NFL.  The fact we still have more than 100 games left means this could mostly be fraudulent but for those fans, hope has surfaced.  A lot of folks penciled in the Tribe as contenders with new manager Terry Francona.  I thought the Red Sox were incompetent letting him go.  He had a perfect demeanor to handle the Boston heat and of course guided them to ending the Curse and another World Series victory.  Love Tito but he can't pitch and they have 2 legit starters.  Former Bosox property Justin Masterson who is throwing well and 25 year old Zach McAllister.  He was originally a 3rd round pick of the Yankees back in 2006 but was part of the Austin Kearns trade in 2010.  He showed signs last season, his 1st real stretch in the bigs making 22 starts and posting a decent era just above 4.  That's it.  Ubaldo Jimenez was once on the cusp of becoming a legit front liner in the NL with Colorado but has gone bust huge in the American League.  Scott Kazmir is failing in his effort to resurrect a once promising career when he was the Mets 1st round pick in 2002.  Brett Meyers has an era over 8.  This team can hit and are well up the charts in every substantial lumber category but with no legit 3-4 or 5 starter I don't buy it.  Just as distressing is what's taking place in Cleveland.  They are last in the AL in attendance despite being 1st in the division.  The days of The Jake rocking with Alomar, Belle, Thome, Manny and Lofton in the mid 90's seem a distant memory!
Have a terrific holiday weekend as we take a moment to thank those who have served.  I look forward to returning from NYC and being back on the air 3pm on Tuesday!

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