Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Not sure how to properly explain what Deacon Jones was to my generation of NFL Fans.  The Hall of Fame D-Line terror passed at age 74 last night.  I think most are initially lured to sports by scoring.  The QB, home run hitter, goal scorer, ect.  Later Lawrence Taylor would ignite interest in a stellar defensive player, but prior to his arrival there was Jones.  Certainly the growth of the league and the magnificence of the Sabol's and NFL Films played a role.  We got to see and just as entertaining, hear what Deacon had to say about the havoc he wreaked on a regular basis.  In a special called "The Ultimate Defenders of Sport" he talked about his primary job being to put as much fear in the quarterbacks heart and pain in his back.  He was a terrific guy who stood up for Civil Rights and a talented, charismatic character who had turns in TV series like "The Brady Bunch" & "The Odd Coup" playing himself.  He also appeared in a great Warren Beatty movie "Heaven Can Wait" as a defensive lineman.  Hysterical and engaging in each case.  You will hear about his numbers, the sacks, the head slap and it's all impressive.  None of the above approaches his impact on those who followed the league and understand his place in the game among the elite pioneers who was worth the price of admission.  RIP Deek!
I was reading about the conviction of former MLB'er Milton Bradley.  Guilty of abusing his estranged wife and looking at 7 1/2 years in prison.  Wonder who he'll blame for this cause none of his missteps or failures or complete wasting of his talent has never been his fault.  The team, the league, the fans, the umps and of course the women.  Choked his pregnant wife but got off with that.  Then in 2011 arrested for trying to strike her with a baseball bat!  Enjoy your state sponsored vacation dirt bag!
On today's show we talk about how the anticipation of a Game 7 doesn't usually live up, the end of the Duck baseball season, the above issues, the NHL playoffs, more MLB and of course your calls and our digression!

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Derek said...

As a 49ers fan, I did not like Deacon Jones or the rest of that D-line, but admired him as a football player.