Monday, June 10, 2013

AS GOOD AS IT GETS by Steve Tannen

Think about the last decade following sports.  Pro or college.  Franchise or program.  Name your Top 5 as far as well run, good reputation & successful.  Who pops?  Alabama football.  Duke hoops.  Yankees?  Spurs?  Lakers?  Red Wings?  NY Giants?  Patriots?  I'll throw in the St. Louis Cardinals.  They currently lead the NL Central with the best record in baseball.  After winning the 2011 World Series their long time manager Tony LaRussa retired and they lost bopper Albert Pujols to free agency.  Guided by 1st year skipper Mike Matheny they made Game 7 of the NL Championship series.  While making his bones with the Bash Brother A's, LaRussa made a major impact on the game with his bullpen use.  Then it was get 7 from your starter, lean on Rick Hunnycut in the 8th and Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersly to close the door.  With the Cards it was about volume.  Lot of quality arms.  That tradition continues.  Remember the name Trevor Rosenthal.  He throws about 100 mph and has a freaky good slider.  Edward Mujica is the closer.  Had some decent seasons with the Marlins and Padres in relative obscuring, but never held this role until this year and he's been terrific.  Their top pick in the 2009 draft Shelby Miller was a late season call up last year and flashed some serious stuff.  Now his 1st season in the rotation he's 7 & 1 with an NL best 1.91 era.  Incredible control works well with his more than a strikeout an inning mastery.  Then you have the elite Adam Wainright who never gets enough credit for how great he is.  Lance Lynn is proving his 18 wins 2012 is no fluke.  I can go on but I'll just say this is the best top to bottom roster in the majors.
On today's show I'll be asking you to evaluate the best organizations and programs we follow.

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