Monday, June 24, 2013


I was filling out my MLB All Star game ballot online.  Began with Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers.  Then it hit me.  Why?  It might be a generational thing but before we had unlimited access and could see every player's every move it was a pleasure to get a rare glimpse of Clemente or Brooks Robinson in action.  Now it just seems forced.  I understand that the host city can generate some revenue and dough might be raised for a worthy cause, but can't that happen without this ridiculous exhibition.  If I'm a fan of a team do I want our 15 million dollar ace out there or home resting for the 2nd half pennant chase?  This can carry over to the NBA or NHL.  The NFL's Pro Bowl has become a knee slapper of a joke.  Is it time for a historical tweak?
I have been interested to get fans angle on their All Time Fantasy Team.  Let me know your age group and who makes the cut.  Add in a starting pitcher and a closer.
1b-Lou Gehrig
2b-Joe Morgan
SS-Robin Yount
3b-Michael Jack Schmidt
C-Johnny Bench
OF:  Ruth, Ted Williams and Willie Mays
SP:  Bob Gibson
CL:  Mariano Rivera

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