Tuesday, July 9, 2013


When it comes to rankings, Hall of Fame, we all believe we are right.  I know I do.  So here is the lone accurate ballot with fan choice noted.

American League:
Begin with Chris Davis of Baltimore at 1st and Miggy Cabrera at 3rd.  Both fan choices.  Fans went Robbie Cano at 2nd over Dustin Pedroia.  Wow is this close.  Equal with the glove.  Gonna go Cano because he HAD to come up big with all those injuries.  Dusty is one of many Bosox raking.  Lot more cover.  I'd go Jonny Peralta of the Tigers in a tight one over the fan pick JJ Hardy of the Orioles.  Better average, close in ribby's, more hits and runs.  Joe Mauer is a no brainer at catcher.  Now healthy he's reclaimed his spot among the games elite.  The fans chose Adam Jones of Baltimore, Jose Batista of the Jays and Mike Trout of the Halos.  I pull Batista in favor of Jacoby Ellsbury.  Felix Hernandez starts.
National League:
Molina catches.  Honorable mention to Buster in Frisco.  Fans picked an outfield of Carlos Beltran of the Cards, Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies and Bryce Harper of the Nats.  Harper has missed too much time injured.  He's out.  In his place is the guy who robbed the Reds last night, Carlos Gomez.  The best glove in center.  Slight edge over the Pirates McCutcheon.  Joey Votto will start.  Not on my team.  Touch and go but I'm putting the Cardinals Alan Craig in his place.  69 ribbies to 40 edge.  Would not engage in a heated debate over this as Votto is a stud.  The fans blew it at 2nd with Brandon Phillips.  Matt Carpenter is the easy lock pick hitting .316, second in the majors in runs scored.  While Troy Tulowitzki of the Rockies is tremendous, he's injured, rehabbing and missing at least a month.  Jean Segura of the Brewers is the answer.  Came over in the trade for Zach Greinke.  Leading the NL in hits, 2nd in assists at that critical SS position.  David Wright of the Mets at 3rd was EZ.  I start Clay Kershaw of LA.

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