Thursday, July 25, 2013


Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, Pete Rose.  All in the news this week.  Braun and Arod for more evidence they're cheaters.  Rose because it's Hall of Fame week and dummy always shows up in Cooperstown cause he's a desperate, pathetic clueless clown.  The conversation about what is worse using PED's or betting on baseball is for morons.  Why differentiate?  They both spit in the face of fans, the game and clean players.  Rose was interviewed on Dan Patrick and said it's important to admit the mistake.  So so happy I was stopped at a light or I might have crashed.  This from a guy who in 1989 was investigated via something called the Dowd Report.  The pile of evidence was so overwhelming he and his legal eagles decided to accept a lifetime ban rather than have this material presented to authorities outside baseball.  It included the possibility he was involved in distributing steroids, maybe cocaine and he definitely was hiding cash earnings from Uncle Sam.  He actually claimed he was unaware a lifetime ban was part of the deal.  That's exactly like Barry Bonds saying he didn't know the "clear" and "creme" his BALCO buddy was applying was illegal.  What a crock.  From 1989 through early 2004 he insisted he never bet on baseball.  Then it was time for the release of his book and suddenly it's "well I bet on baseball".  15 years and suddenly he comes clean because he heard dollar signs.  I'll go one further having dealt with bookies and degenerate gamblers for a period from about high school until I was in my early 30's, so up until about 20 years ago. If you think a losing gambler like Rose didn't bet AGAINST the Reds when he was in a hole you are a gullible moron!  Look, Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth, Michael Vick or OJ Simpson are the scum of the earth.  You want to ask what's worse?  There is the line.  Those trying to split hairs over liars and cheaters are wasting our time.  I put them under one slimy umbrella!

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