Friday, March 19, 2010


Since when are the fine people of Eugene, OR more cynical than we Jersey folk? I was at the press conference where it was announced Mike Bellotti is leaving Oregon to become an analyst for ESPN. Most of the reaction has been he's "running" away or other ulterior motives. Am I nuts? The guy is a college football junkie, it's in his blood. Does anyone out there who follows this man closely ever even remotely get the feeling he had a passion for being an administrator? He himself said, he misses gameday Saturday's and some of the camaraderie but as for the Monday through Thursday grind of coaching, no thanks. He became very emotional when speaking about departing the University, but the level of enthusiasm and joy in his demeanor when discussing the new ESPN gig was like a little kid who just found out he's going to Disney World!
Trust me, he's gonna be a terrific analyst. Hopefully he'll replace that no nothing cheater, Lou Holtz down the road. If you are a Bellotti fan and appreciate all he's done for the Ducks, you should be really happy for him.

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