Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I must admit to being clueless about Oregon's next head basketball coach. The 'source' that mentioned Billy Donovan of Florida is hitting the crack pipe pretty hard. Billy D is a New York guy who played at Providence, was an assistant at Kentucky, turned down NBA dollars and just said no to St. Johns in the Big East. You really think he's coming to Oregon?
Lot of talk about Steve Alford of New Mexico. I like this guy, but his resume is spotty. Had one good season in the Missouri Valley Conference with S.W Mizzou State, made the Sweet 16 then got the gig at Iowa in the Big 10, obviously a major league. Made the Dance 3 times, won one game, never advancing past the 2nd round and eventually got canned for lack of success. Now in the Mountain West, which just had a career hoop season. They just upgraded their Pit. Is he a definite upgrade.
Way too many of you are taking this arrogant, matter of fact stance about dismissing Ernie Kent. It's not a done deal the next guy is better and has more success.
Please use Oregon State as a cautionary tale. They had the greatest coach in program history, Ralph Miller. From 1980 through 1990 they made 8 appearances in the NCAA Tournament. Got run in the 1st round 20 years ago by Ball State. Haven't been back since. Miller retired, Jim Anderson took over and they've made zero progress. Craig Robinson might turn out the be the right guy, but after playing .500 ball last year, they finished under the break even mark this season. It's a cliche, but be careful what you wish for. Oregon is treading on dangerous ice. This is the Pac 10. Might be down in 2010, but don't forget, the conference sent 6 teams to the Big Dance a year ago. You know UCLA and Arizona are bouncing back huge, Arizona State has the right guy in Herb Sendek. Do not assume the Ducks automatically get better with a new coach and new arena. I may be wrong and so might you!


Anonymous said...

There is more to the Donovan situation than meets the eye. Will it happen? Who knows - but the interest in a conversation about the UO job is not unilateral. Enough said.

Mikey "Jim Rice HOF" Fox said...

I know a big splash and he would recruit some big names. This guy would be a Currier for the U of O on the side, saving some "money". They should hire Tim Floyd.

He would give the people wanted Kent gone a good run and the rest of us can give them a Nelson haha when the NCAA takes them away.