Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sorry, but more on the UO men's hoop coaching search. So today we find out the rumor about offering the Willamette to Tom Izzo of Michigan State was off base. Not that he would have even remotely considered Oregon anyway. Kick around all the names you want. Steve Alford of New Mexico, Mark Turgeon of Texas A & M, or the latest, Tubby Smith of Minnesota. At the end of the day I have one critical question regarding any candidate. Are you absolutely sure they're a better fit for the Ducks than Ernie Kent. It appears former UCLA coach Steve Lavin might be headed for St. Johns. He hasn't coached since 2003. Big name. Nationally known. But at a powerhouse like UCLA he never reached the level of Kent here at Oregon. Lavin's Bruins peaked with the Sweet 16. As for Smith, he has the ultimate in resume building with a 1998 National Title at Kentucky. As mentioned here yesterday, that was with a beast built by Rick Pitino(see below) & his work at Minnesota has been decent at best(also see below). Again I ask, is he a definite upgrade from Ernie Kent? Another significant query looms. Is there in fact this big name, big splash coach out there who would relocate to Eugene for this gig? I'm beginning to think it's a fantasy among administrators and fans who clearly have an inflated view of this program. This ain't Oregon football folks! This is a completely different animal. Why don't some of you put on your thinking caps and let me know a guy or two you think would be the right call to take this program up and onward into the future. Anyone offering up a suggestion gets in our drawing. I have two $25 gift certificates for some free food. It's for Two Friends Pub & Pizza located a mile past Autzen Stadium on Centennial, right next to Value Village. E-mail your suggestions to stevetannen@live.com

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