Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It's a heck of an effort for someone to make me feel really, really intelligent. When I overhear people talk about watching "Survivor", "American Idol" or their love of country radio I get that feeling. It also happens whenever XXXXL golf idiot John Daly speaks. Turns out he's sicking his trailer park fans on a reporter for the Florida Times-Union for having the audacity to "report" facts. Turns out J.D has one of those permanent record files middle school teachers used to threaten us with. The PGA put together more than 450 pages of his mis-steps from fines, to his acting in a completely unprofessional manner to suggesting(7 times) he needs rehab. The only reason this information went public is because Piggy Boy realized his lawsuit for defamation against the parent company of the newspaper was a joke and dropped making all that information available to the public. Daly is a classic case of entering a battle of wits unarmed. He's an abusive, low character imbecile who has figured out that the 13th, 14th and 15th steps are blaming others, excuse making and quitting. Guy has totally whizzed away some incredible talent and opportunity. But natually, it's not his fault. Daly posted his request for people to attack reporter Garry Smits on his twitter account. Anyone who follows John Daly on twitter needs to put down the empty can of Gator Brew, brush their tooth and fill out a resume at the Homestead convenience store. What a loser!

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Great show today. Looking forward to many more like it during the Madness!