Thursday, May 24, 2012


The recent winner of the "out of left field" honor goes to Shaquille O'Neal interviewing for the vacant Orlando Magic GM spot.  Really?  Because of the long tradition of great players excelling in the front office right?  Don't give me Larry Bird as he's the exception to the Jordan, Isiah, Kevin McHale rule.  Good luck big fella.
I'm little kid pumped for Spurs/Thunder in this NBA West final.  Boston/LA or a major market team might have been the preference for the suits who care about TV ratings and the like.  From a pure basketball standpoint this is all you could ask.  The up and coming OKC team versus the established, consummate professionals from San Antonio.  It's not the contrast in style many have discussed.  One of the reasons you have to admire the Spurs is they've adjusted on the fly.  No longer do they walk it up after baskets or rebounds and run the offense through Tim Duncan.  The addition of Gary Neal,  Danny Green & Kawhi Leonard has opened things up and of course Tony Parker can still do damage in the open court. 
Nothing like a seasonal first at a most opportune moment end in heartbreak.  Be it the regular season or this Stanley Cup chase, the Rangers had yet to overcome a 3 goal hole.  Last night in game 5 at the Garden they spotted the Devils a 3-love lead and when Marian Gaborik poked one past Marty Brodeur it was all even.  It wasn't meant to be as Jersey, who has really carried play most of this series, grabbed the lead for good on a gorgeous set up to Ryan Carter in front.  Then the Devils iced it with an empty netter.  Game 6 is tomorrow.  When the Rangers won their only Cup of this generation(1994), they overcame a 3 games to 2 hole against Jersey.  Ironically the same guy was in the pipes, 21 year old Martin Brodeur. 
Love Memorial Day Weekend.  Packed with big games and a full slate of MLB.  Looking forward to Nats at Braves in the NL and Rays at Red Sox in the AL.  Giants at Marlins has intrigue with Tim Lincecum throwing versus Josh Johnson in Friday's opener.  Should be fun.

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Anonymous said...

What is going on in Orlando!? After letting go of Stan Van Gundy, apparently to appease Dwight Howard, they go and interview Shaq, who not only has no GM experience but has also made it clear he's not a big fan or the new "Superman" Howard! And I thought Blazers were run bizarrely... Time for the Magic to start over!