Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I've always been annoyed by Diplomatic Immunity afforded foreign dignitaries in our country.  I've experienced it first hand with illegally parked vehicles in Manhattan when I'm looking for a spot.  Obviously it applies in more serious situations but it reminds me of officials in the sports we follow.  Coaches, managers and players must make themselves available to the media or face fines.  Referees can stick their heads straight where the sun doesn't shine and what?  Nothing!  I'm not saying they should have to face reporters after every game, but at times, gotta face the music.  After Miami's win against Boston yesterday, zebra Ed Malloy absolute had to answer for the "T" he hit C's coach Doc Rivers with.  Rivers could be seen mouthing the words "C'Mon Eddie".  You get a technical for that?  Inexcusable. 
HBO has announced it will feature the Miami Dolphins on it's "Hard Knocks" series.  I didn't watch much when it was Dallas, the Cincy Circus or the disaster known as the Jets, but from what I've read & heard, they were at least interesting.  I'm planning a nap around this one.  The Fish haven't been charismatic or worth paying attention to since Marino retired unless you find Jay Fiedler riveting.  Joe Philbin is their new head coach.  I can't imagine that's gonna have folks knocking each other over to get to the dial.  Know who their quarterback is?  Well they drafted Ryan Tannehill from Texas A & M. I'm betting most football fans are aware of him but could not pick him out of a line-up.  Perhaps this show has run it's course.
It appears a couple of anticipated MLB contenders have survived horrific starts and could very well end up in the thick of things.  The Boston Red Sox are now within 4 1/2 of the division lead now held by the suddenly sliding Orioles.  The Angels have seen Albert Pujols warm up and have reached the .500 mark and though they trail the West leading Rangers by 6 1/2, but lie just 2 1/2 behind the Chisox for the last wild card slot!  Today we'll find out the status of Ace Jered Weaver who had to leave the Yankees game yesterday(Mon) after 3 hitters with severe lower back pain.  When it happened I thought it was his knee, but it was his entire lower half just buckling in agony.  Here's hoping he's okay cause the guy has become an elite starter.  On today's show, your current 5 man rotation to save planet earth.  I have Weaver, Verlander, Kershaw, Felix Hernandez and a few others in contention like Cain, Hamels, CC or a healthy Doc.

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