Wednesday, May 16, 2012


You keep repeating the same act and expect a different outcome.  It's nuts.  It never works.  I'm watching the end of Pacers/Heat with a group of people.  We're thinking Lebron is taking the last shot because no way he's going down that road AGAIN.  Lo and behold, he passes to a teammate who misses from behind the arc and Miami loses.  I don't care if it's Dwayne Wade's team or if Mario Chalmers hit a money three in the NCAA final against Memphis 4 years ago.  James is robo-player.  He's gotta shoulder that burden.  It's enough.  The word defer being associated with this guy is officially old and annoying.  Shoot the freaking ball Lebron!  In this case the team needed a 3.  There is not a perimeter defender in the history of basketball who could prevent James from at least getting a decent look. 
Another story you'll hear about is Toronto's Brett Lawrie getting in trouble for slamming his helmet to the ground and hitting home plate umpire Bill Miller.  Honestly, a part of me wishes he clocked Miller in the noggin.  I can't stand umps or officials with an axe to grind or those trying to send a message.  Call the stinking game and get out of my face.  The 2nd strike in the at bat was obscene.  Lawrie is a righty hitter.  The ball was so far outside it caught the white on the inside part of the lefty batter's box.  The punchout pitch was at least 8 inches high and MAY have caught the plate.  Lawrie will and should get a suspension, but so should the punk in blue.

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