Friday, May 25, 2012

Conference Finals, by Casey Mitchell

This is Casey Mitchell guest blogging for ST today. As Game 7 approaches in the Celtic-Sixer series, they are looking to capture the final spot in the Conference Finals. This has by far been the most competitive, and evenly matched series of the Semifinals. The first four games of the Heat-Pacers series were very fun to watch. They were physical, high energy, and very competitive. However, once Miami matched Indiana's physical style of play, the series was over. Game six could have been the Pacer's best opportunity to get back in the series, with the Heat down three big men. Both Udonis Haslem and Dexter Pittman were suspended for their flagrant fouls, and Chris Bosh is still out with that abdominal injury. Even without those three players, all the Heat really needed were two. Lebron James and Dwyane Wade combined for 69 points as the Heat closed out the series 105 - 93 in six games. The Heat are red hot going into the Eastern Conference Finals.
Oh yeah, and there is another team in the Playoffs that deserve our attention. That team is the San Antonio Spurs. They have not lost a game so far this postseason and has won 18 straight dating back to the regular season. Although he is old and out of his prime, Tim Duncan is still fully capable of giving you 15 points and 15 boards any given night. Now it is time to see what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object. This series between the Thunder and the Spurs is sure to be a great one. Both teams have plenty of confidence, but they are two very different teams. The Spurs are very experienced and have an incredibly deep bench, and the Thunder are young and have a crazy amount of talent. I would make a prediction on this series, but to be completely honest, I have no clue who has the upper hand in this. It will be a great series and I can't wait 'til it begins on Sunday.

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