Monday, May 21, 2012

Pourquois, Por que, or better yet, WHY??

Is it me or are an element of fans and media completely thrown by the Lakers on the brink of getting eliminated?  We do remember the Thunder being installed as a prohibitive favorite.  If you were in Vegas prior to this series starting and bet $50 on OKC you'd get back $60, for a mere $10 profit.  Had you rolled the dice on LA and they won, that same $50 would have returned $250!  I'm consistently surprised by folks who are surprised by something so NOT surprising.  Had a conversation with my dad and a few of my buds from back in Jersey.  They're very upset with how the Yankees season is moving along.  Again, WHY??  They lost their closer and set up guy.  Beyond CC Sabathia and maybe Hiroki Kuroda they don't have a reliable starter.  Alex Rodriguez might go in the books as the most overpaid, under producing pro athlete in history.  Tampa is way better and the Orioles are playing out of their minds.  I guess if that mindless bimbo pig from Jersey Shore can have a following and make a bunch of cash, everyone feels they're entitled to success. 
Thought on Oregon baseball.  You look at that lineup and don't get filled with fear on a traditional level.  It's not the kind of attack where the 3-4-5 hitters send a chill up the spines of the opposition.  Then you take a closer look.  Not an easy out from top to bottom.  They make pitchers work and keep defenses on their heels.  I get a sense it doesn't matter if they're facing a lefty or righty, power pitcher or locator, they can carve out runs.  Add that to a team who pitches and catches the ball exceptionally well and you have this.  This, being a very good thing.

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