Monday, June 25, 2012


I was wondering if the overwhelming verdict in the Sandusky trial made a difference.  Seems to me most decent folks with an operating cerebellum got the guy is a despicable pig.  I was disturbed by the blind followers who did not share his last name.  If you are a family member, there exists a certain mentality.  Some others in State College came off as supportive in a naive, disturbing way.  Hopefully seeing this piece of garbage hauled off in handcuffs will open some of those eyes.
Obviously I'm the opposite of a Red Sox fan.  Yet I can't help but feel bad about the trade of Kevin Youklis to the White Sox.  He, along with Dustin Pedroia, Jason Varitek, Tim Wakefield and a few others were at the core of ending the curse and bringing 2 World Series titles to those loyal Boston fans.  Yook was awful this year, the Chisox needed some kind of production at 3rd and the Bosox have a young hotcornerman in Will Middlebrooks.  I get the baseball side.  It just would have been cool of Youklis could have remained with the team who drafted him till the end.  Ironically, Middlebrooks attended the same Liberty Eylau high school as one LeMichael James. 
Got out to the Olympic Trials late yesterday afternoon(Sun) to catch the men & women's 400 and the final of the men's 100.  I might not be a big track and field fan, but was caught up in the atmosphere at Hayward Field.  Folks were absolutely riveted and as usual, wired in because of their passion and knowledge.  In 2008 Bryshon Nellum was shot in the leg during a drive by.  Now the USC stud is heading to London to represent his country in the 400 meters.  I was happy to see Sanya Richards Ross get a chance for redemption.  I recall her in tears on the track 4 years ago in Beijing, a beaten favorite, having to settle for a Bronze.  See if she can't bring home the gold this summer.  I was along the fence near the grandstand and her smile circling the track was worth a million bucks. 

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